Frequently Asked Questions


When and where will Sensation Spain 2018 take place?

November the 3rd, 2018 in IFEMA Madrid.

What is the Timetable?

Doors will be opened at 19h30.

Should I dress in white?

Yes! At the other Sensation events that have taken place all over the world we have a rigorous dress code in which everyone has to be in white.

The following will be accepted:

White shirts or dresses that have small prints with another colour

Accessories of another colour

Shoes of another colour

A maximum of 20% of your outfit with another colour

When you are preparing your outfit for Sensation, remember: White = White! No beige, brown or grey, despite of the shade. Also take note of the following rules:

White jeans ONLY

NO topless – guys or girls!

If you’re having doubts about your outfit being in line with our dressing code, pick another one! Please, be advised that if you’re not dressed in white you won’t be able to access the event, even with a valid ticket.

What is the minimum age required to attend Sensation?

The minimum age required to attend the festival is 18 years.

Denied Access?

Access to the Venue may be denied at any moment. Clothing and/or other (visible) physical appearances that openly express any movement, social or political group are forbidden.

How to get there?

More information will be announced soon.

Can I bring my own alcohol?

No. Security will be checking every bag and purse. Entry with any kind of alcohol will NOT be allowed.

About the Bracelets


Please keep in mind that only validated bracelets will grant you access to the festival

*Don’t forget to bring your printed ticket in order to receive your bracelet at the venue access on the day of the festival. Bracelets won’t be posted by mail.

As a reminder, here are the instructions for using the bracelets

A. You can only access the festival with a validated bracelet. The bracelets will have your personal information, hence they are non-transferable.

B. You shall top-up your bracelet with money in order to purchase food, drinks, etc… within the festival grounds. Credit in the bracelets will be the only payment method. There will be top-up stands and devices. Online top-up during the events is not guaranteed.

C. It is possible to top-up the bracelets online through our web-app via credit/debit card, anywhere anytime. We recommend to top-up your bracelet before the event.

D. If you still have credits left in your bracelet once the festival is finished, we will provide you with a form that you must fill in to get your money back. The associated managed cost for the refund is € 2. Minimum amount to request a refund: € 2.

E. Our team is at your disposal for any doubts you may have.

Press Accreditations

Press Accreditations

Press accreditations will only be granted to photographers and journalists from an existing media outlet; not for personal matter nor hobbies.

For press accreditations please send an email to:

Contact Sensation Spain

Contact Sensation Spain

Contact with Sensation Spain.

Make sure you read the FAQ sheet before contacting us directly. This way we can reduce the number of emails we receive which will allow us to give a better and more detailed answer to the important queries. Emails which contain questions whose answers can be found on the FAQ sheet will NOT get a response.

Didn’t find the answer to your questions?

Please send us your questions through the contact form.


Where can I register to buy a ticket?

You can register here on the official web of Sensation Spain.

Why do I have to register?

To access the Sensation ticket pre-sale you must complete the register. If you did not manage to pre-register before the pre-sale starts, you wont be able to purchase a pre-sale ticket. Once the pre-sale phase is over, register won’t be necessary.

Important: Pre-register does not secure you a ticket.

During the pre-register you must provide the following information: name, surname, email address and country of residence. Once you enter all the information, click on the “Pre-register” button and the register will be confirmed.

Official ticket channels

Purchase your tickets only from the authorised sales channel: or with the authorised partners and tour operators. Tickets gotten by other means will be canceled. Do not buy your tickets on the street or in sites like Viagogo, as they could be false or fraudulent.

What is ticket personalisation?

When purchasing your ticket for Sensation you will need to personalise it. Each ticket has to be linked to an individual. The identity of each visitor will be verified while entering the venue. If the name of the bracelet / e-ticket doesn’t match with the name on the ID of the person, access will be denied.

What are the consequences if I don't personalise my tickets?

If you do not personalise your tickets, Sensation reserves the right to cancel the order. If this is the case, the main buyer will receive a refund for the price of the ticket, excluding the service fee and the costs of transfer.

Can I change/upgrade my ticket type?

Changes and/or upgrades in ticket type will not be possible once you’ve purchased your ticket.

Can I change the name on a ticket?

Name changes in the tickets will not be made. Typos or small orthographic errors won’t suppose any problems to access the venue.

Can I enter if the name registered on my ticket isn't my own?

No, name changes will not be made after the ticket is personalised. If the name on the ticket doesn’t match the one from the person’s ID, the organisation reserves the right to deny the access.

The organiser and/or official ticket distributor reserve the right to verify the identity of the attendee while looking at the ticket. If you do not present a valid proof of identity, security personnel is authorised to deny you access.

What is considered a valid proof of ID?

The following identity documents are considered valid: DNI (ID card), passport and drivers license.

Copies of the former or a mandate from the original ticket holder will NOT be considered valid.

Can I cancel my ticket?

All ticket purchases are final, which means that they cannot be cancelled nor refunded.

Can I resell my ticket?

No. Besides, we strongly discourage purchasing tickets from third parties, as we cannot assure their legitimacy. The name on the tickets cannot be changed; if the name on your ticket/bracelet does not match your Identity Document, the organisation reserves the right to deny you access (even with a mandate from the original ticket holder).

What is the difference between Regular, Premium and VIP tickets?

All tickets grant access to Sensation and its stage.

Regular tickets grant you “regular” access to the festival, excluding the Premium and VIP zones. More information on this will be available soon.

Email to: for VIP tables.

At the Venue


Every attendee who shows up at the access must have a valid bracelet from Sensation Spain under her/his name.

Each Sensation bracelet grants access to one person only. Any person that has a Sensation bracelet will enter the event at her/his own risk.

The minimum age required to access the festival is 18 years. There won’t be exceptions to this rule, even is the minor is accompanied her/his parents, tutor or another adult.

For security reasons, the attendees who leave the venue won’t be authorised to go back inside. All cases of counterfeit tickets will be prosecuted.

Tickets and/or bracelets from Sensation are not refundable nor redeemable for another type of ticket. Tickets/bracelets that are stolen, damaged or lost will not be replaced nor refunded.

All registered, validated and activated bracelets must be scanned upon entry to the venue.

The organiser and official ticket distributor reserve the right to verify the identity of the attendees upon entry to the venue Sensation. If any attendee is not capable of identifying her/himself, she/he will be denied access to the festival without the right to a refund for the price of the ticket.

Valid identity documents include DNI (Identity Document), Passport or Drivers license. The name o the document must match the name registered in the bracelet. Copies of said documents won’t be accepted.

Once purchased, tickets cannot be changed/upgraded to another ticket type, neither will be possible to change the name and address previously indicated.

Payment methods

Sensation Spain doesn’t make use of cash at its selling points. Bracelets and POS terminals will be the only payment methods within the venue.

This means that your bracelet will not only grant you access to Sensation (as long as it’s validated) but it will also be the only way to purchase food and beverages (once you’ve topped-it-up). It may be topped-up online through our web app platform or at the festival in the different top-up points.


Use of the restrooms in Sensation Spain is free and their surroundings will be cleaned regularly.

There will be special areas within the venue where you can cool off.

It is strictly prohibited to urinate in public. If you are caught doing it you risk being thrown out of the festival.


Photo and video cameras are allowed in the venue with the exception of (semi) professional gear. Sensation Spain encourages attendees to take photos and record videos, and upload them to Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, etc..!

During the festival there will be video recording and photos will be taken. Upon entry, the attendees automatically consent to the retransmission and use of said images taken by the organisation.

Selfie sticks will be allowed as long as they are shorter than 1 meter.

Can I bring my own medication?

Sensation Spain has a policy of zero tolerance regarding illegal drugs.

If you need to take medication due to health issues, make sure that you carry a prescription. We can only allow certain medicines as long as you show us a valid medical prescription at the entrance.

Visitors with special needs

Sensation Spain puts special efforts to ensure that the festival is completely accessible to attendees with any disabilities, therefore, we have taken all the necessary measures to facilitate accessibility in the festival and its surroundings.

Guide dogs are allowed in the venue. Make sure they are easily recognised.

Do you have any special needs and cannot find an answer to your questions here on the FAQ sheet? If you’d like to get more information on a specific matter, please send an email to