What is Sensation?

Do you want to know what Sensation is? In this video we explain to you all the details of the main dance event in the world.


Sensation – Dress In White


What started 18 years ago as a sole event in the Amsterdam Arena is now a worldwide phenomenon that takes place at the largest stadiums and stages in the world.

Sensation creates a new show each year that blows all the senses away. Committed to innovation and excellence, Sensation has achieved the distinction of being the main dance music event in the world. It creates an atmosphere of unity even in the most gigantic places. With everyone dressed in white, the crowd submerges into a wave of unity and euphoria.

“Be part of the night… dress in white!” is more than a slogan. The all-white dressing code is a tribute to one of the founders of Sensation, Miles Stutterheim, who passed away tragically in the year 2000. Dressing in white came after celebrating the beauty of his life and it was kept as a reminder for everyone of us to celebrate life to its fullest.

That white, clear and fresh look creates a certain feeling of sensuality. Everyone pays extra attention to their looks. Well designed outfits cover the dance floor and instantly create a relaxed and fresh environment at the beginning of the night. Due to the “all-white dressing code”, the crowd becomes part of the show. Imagine that magical moment when you walk into an arena and see an ocean of people dressed in white, the multitude immersed in a tide of euphoria, and impressive view at any moment…

And then, there is that feeling of unity; that atmosphere is what matters the most. Together, dressed in white, we are one. So, let’s celebrate life in the best possible way! Get together with your friends and loved ones, meet new people and create new memories. The night is yours, do you have your white outfit ready?


The fact that the dress code is all-white means that both, top and bottom parts of the outfit must be white.

The following will be allowed:

  • White shirts with small prints of another colour (no more than 20%)
  • Accessories of another colour
  • Shoes of another colour
  • White Jeans
  • Maximum 20% of colours other than white on your outfit
  • White shorts/skirts
  • Flip-flops
  • White dresses/one-piece
  • White costumes; as long as they aren’t offensive in any way

White = White! So no beige, brown or grey regardless of the shade. Also, note the following rules:

  • NO Jeans in any colour but white
  • NO topless dancing – guys or girls!

Jackets other than white can’t be worn in the event. If you do not comply with the dress code, access will be denied without a refund


Are you curious about where was the dressing code originated? Watch the following TED TALK with one of our founders, Duncan Stutterheim.